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That since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed. (the UNESCO charter)

What is UNESCO ?

UNESCO stands for the United States Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization and headquaters is located in Paris in France.
Based on the idea of the UNESCO charter, UNESCO was founded as a specialized agency of U.N. in 1945 after the end of World War II.
Now, 191 nations participate in U.N. and Japan became the 61st member nation in 1951. In Japan, Japanese National Commision for UNESCO is installed in the Ministy of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan is perfomed positively.


  • Charity bazaar / Charity Art Exhibition
  • Study Tour
  • School Campaign for World CLC (Community Learning Center)
  • Let's Ring the Bell for Peace
*Youth part
  • Art Exhibition
  • International Cafe' / Cooking
  • Youth Seminar
  • Essay Contest
  • Yoga (Meditation)


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