Thank-you Letter from Kesen Junior High School in IWATE


We, National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan (NFUAJ), are supporting victimized schools by funding the procurement of necessary materials, equipments and activities so that students can receive quality education.
Let us introduce a letter from the student council of Kesen Junior High School in IWATE that we have supported.

Declaration for the reconstruction of the Kesennuma Junior Highschool

Living in Kesen-machi, Rikuzen-Takata City, we were affected by the earthquake and tsunami which occurred on 11 March, losing so many things including our own school and houses.

Immediately following the disasters, facing the fear of endless aftershocks, we continued to live waiting for missing family members and friends. It was thanks to the support and encouragement that we received from all over the country that we could go through this difficult time without losing hope. We have started our school life in a neighbouring school’s building which temporarily accommodates us. It is not always easy as it was when we were in our own school, but we are now motivated to get back to our studies and school club activities. 

We are sincerely grateful to all of you who supported us. 
Thank you! 

The Student Council carried out an in-school survey among students which found that many students appreciated in particular the support for uniforms, stationery and tools/facilities for club activities. Others also appreciated the letters and messages received from up and down the country and from across the world, the word “Ganbatte (Cheer up)”, “just people’s action of support for anything in our favour”…

The survey, asked students how they wished to appreciate their gratitude for the support received. Many of them wished to respond to the letters and messages sent. Others wished to thank by showing that they continue to live their lives with positive attitudes. We can tell you that every student is very thankful and hopes to communicate his/her sense of gratitude. 

Our Student Council has just adopted a new slogan for this year, “Never Give Up – Let’s keep moving ahead” and will organize events and activities accordingly. While our school buildings and material possessions are no more, our school tradition and culture – such as cheering, chorus, events and other actions that we inherited from our seniors – remain with us. We will ensure that they will not be lost for future generations.

To be truthful, there are many things which make us anxious, especially when we do not clearly see what might wait for us in the future. We believe though that if we give up, everything will stop moving. We, all together, will keep our faith and continue moving forward. 

We must say it is not easy to heal the wounds in our hearts after the earthquake and tsunami. However your caring words and actions touched us a lot and we are now feeling united as one and full of purpose to go forward towards our goals. 

By this Declaration, we swear to all of you supporting us as well as to ourselves our engagement to the reconstruction of Kesen Junior High School.      

30 May 2011
Student Council
Kesen Junior High School

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