Let’s educate rural children through the community Library


The power of reading creates an opportunity for children to learn new things that nurture understandings for positive change, and shape the world with children’s education. They do it with culture and elegance. To start up these things, The national federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, Cambodia Office  (NFUAJ-C) has established community library at the community learning centers which regarded as – lifelong learning place, set up and managed by local people for local people’. However, the community libraries have not been much updated with new learning materials due to its limited resource. Even though, NFUAJ-C has tried to coordinate for the new reading materials from different development agencies. It is quite important to donate these reading materials for the community children at the remote areas where they could not access to the public media or messages but reading these materials instead to upgrade their knowledge”. 

With the mission “Change the World Starts from Educated Children”, Room To Read, an international NGOs in Siem Reap, donated 900 story and text books to Chong Khneas community library which is located in the Chong Khnea Community Learning Center. “We are so happy to see and read the new story of the books” said with lovely smile of a group of children who are sitting and reading the books in Chong Khnea Community Library. 

Therefore, SVA, a Japanese NGO provided 942 different story and text books as donated by the Japanese People to nine community learning centers established by the NFUAJ_C. 

In another event, the Mitsubishi Corporation donated 1,950 story books to the community libraries in nine community learning centers on 19th March 2012. In this hand-over ceremony, H.E Chey Chab, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport said that “This material is greatly contributory to the children’s learning as it allows the children to learn and to think critically, creatively, and initiatively. Children learn best by seeing and doing. This material is in this form which children could learn from the picture and imagine what it is based on the summary narration of the text” 

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